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Master Your Inner Calm.

The Inner Calm Mastery Audio Program

A Clear, Concise Transformation  Plan 

on how to identify and let go of the inner blockages that blind you from effortlessly achieving your goals in dating, finances, health/well-being, and relationships.

Letting go of fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs

Fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs come from the shadow (the rejected, repressed, unconscious parts of ourself) of our subconscious mind.   Our ego also plays a part in keeping these beliefs it identifies with in place to try to keep you ‘safe’ and limited.  This conflicts with our inner presence that is unlimited and powerful.  By bringing awareness to our shadow, we bring up all those repressed emotions, beliefs, and inner blocks so we can let them go and integrate them in a healthy way.  This allows you to align yourself with your true, unlimited power where you experience high self-esteem, self-acceptance, effortless action, and personal fulfillment in every area of your life.   

The more we integrate our shadow and let go of our ego fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs, the more effortless it becomes to achieve goals in every area of our life.  

Everything that blocks us from effortless achievement is due to how we feel about ourselves in relation to the goals we’re trying to achieve.  

Feeling heavy = lack = struggle

Feeling light = abundance = flow

When we feel heavy, insecure, or unworthy in relation to goals we have around dating, relationships, finances, or our well-being, we get stuck in "chase" mode.  Chasing money, love, and success, but achieving very little due to the scarcity mindedness. When your self-worth is tied to results, they become a struggle to achieve because there's so much attachment to the outcome.  

When we let go, we naturally shift ourselves into courage, acceptance, love, and peace in relationship to ourself and our goals.  This makes taking action and achieving them enjoyable and effortless. We become free from the outcome.  

This Program WILL change your life.

Here's what you'll learn, in detail

Highly Effective Strategies to Take Your Power Back Over Your Emotional State

You will walk away with a very simple, natural technique to let go of unwanted feelings in the moment you experience them to elevate your emotional state (without state-pumping).  

A Plan to Break Free From The Inner Blocks to Your Success

A clear plan on how to identify and let go of the inner blockages that blind you from effortless action and achieving your goals in dating, finances, health, well-being, and relationships with ease

Broad Emotional Strategies For Life

  • A how-to guide on how to apply this technique to change your relationship to your goals in your dating life, finances, health-wellbeing, relationships to effortlessly achieve them

Real, Actionable Steps That You Can Repeat Without Needing a "Refresher" Course

  • How to avoid the most common mistake when it comes to letting go of emotions that can leave you feeling stuck and questioning your practice.

Go Farther Than Most Men By Handling Your Biggest Roadblocks

  • How to let go of toxic blaming and playing the victim role so you feel more empowered to take meaningful action

Breaking Free from Resistance, Lack, Force, & Pushing 

  • How to let go of any inner resistance and turn it into effortlessly action towards doing, having, or being whatever you desire
  • How to let go of the wanting, lacking feelings of inadequacy to move from "chase mode" to a sense of inner calm and flow
  • How to let go of neediness, feeling out of control, limiting beliefs, and feeling "not enough" 

Figure Out What Truly Motivates You

  • How to remove the layers of “programs” that obstruct you from knowing your real Self
  • How to identify the emotions to uncover "the why" behind the actions that you take or don't take 

A Process For Consistently Becoming A Better Version Of Yourself

  • How to use a powerful energetic modeling process to change your relationship to your goals to achieve them more easily

  • Transformation of your emotional awareness and understanding of yourself at a much deeper level.

  • Build and expand genuine feelings of courage, confidence, self-assuredness, happiness, and deeper self-worth to propel you forward much faster, easier, and more successfully in every area of your life.

Learn to Be Decisive and Assertive In Your Relationships

  • A simple technique to help you make decisions with greater clarity and focus
  • How to let go of the toxicity in your relationships and naturally create more fulfilling ones
  • Changing your relationship to your sexuality by removing the layers of sexual shame around your desires, fetishes, and expression of your sexuality 
  • Change your relationship to emotional pain, rejections, failures, and other heavy emotions from taking it “personal” to effectively transcending them
  • How to use this technique to end addictions towards drugs, alcohol, overeating, smoking, and any other unwanted habit

Learn How To Master Your Emotions

Achieving our goals effortlessly is nice, but this pales in comparison to the natural inner calm and enjoyment we experience by simply being emotionally free.  

The emotional clarity we experience here allows us to be more decisive, be aligned with what fulfills us, and pursue it effortlessly to experience high levels of personal enjoyment in our life.  Building it becomes fun, exciting, and generally simple when we remove the inner blocks that previously stopped us.  

Being this type of person greatly impacts everyone around you as well in an immensely positive way.  Your very being lifts others up when you are in a higher vibration without any additional effort on your part.  

You make a positive impact on the world simply by being, and this benefits all of society, anyone in your life, and anyone that you invite in your life in the future.  

Become The Best Version of YOU, That You Know You Can Be

In the Inner Calm Mastery audio program, we'll cover the steps to leveling up in your relationships and self knowledge. Here's what you need to PREPARE YOURSELF to get maximum results:

1. Take Responsibility For Your Freedom

You must desire your own freedom and goals MORE than your resistance.  Your desire for freedom is the energy needed to overcome the power of your resistance. 

2. Make a Choice

 If you choose freedom, you must decide that you CAN do this method successfully, and consistently practice it.  Be willing to look at the areas of your life you’ve been avoiding so you can let go of the emotional baggage that’s blocking your success.  

3. Embrace Courage (I can)

This is the baseline energy you need to let go.  Every time you spontaneously say “yes” and let go, you access courage!  

4. Dig Deeper

 Don’t use releasing to get high and stop.  Get high through releasing, then continue releasing more from a high state to let go of deeper habit patterns.  

5. Stay Persistent

Embrace EVERY experience that comes up. Don’t run away!  Say yes and welcome it up.

6. Recognize that "Feeling Stuck" Is Resistance

If you feel stuck or want to figure it out, let go of wanting to control/figure out the feeling.  Use the “I feel stuck” releasing guide to get unstuck. 

7. Bring Every Experience to "wants"

Every feeling, habit pattern, resistance, and belief can be brought down to the want for approval, want for control, want for safety/security, want for separation/oneness.  Release the wants (lack) to experience the feeling of having (approval, control, safety/security, oneness).  

8. Trust Your Experience

Trust your experience above all else.  Be open as well by checking your beliefs at the door to earnestly experiencing this course to test all of it.  Don’t take it on pure faith until you’ve experienced it yourself.  

9. Realize That All Feelings Want To Leave

Let them.  It’s your choice.  Resistance is what blocks them from leaving. Let go of the resistance, attachments, aversions, and wants to let them go.

10. Integrate Releasing in Your Life

Whenever you release, you naturally become happier, more loving, and in a state of inner calm.  When you constantly release, you’re constantly happy, loving, and in a state of inner calm.  

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Does this have any religious influences that would go against my beliefs?

Not at all! Everything in this course is based on basic science and simple truths that are not tied to any religious backgrounds or beliefs. In fact, don’t believe anything in this course until you’ve experienced it for yourself. Honor your experience and let it guide you through this program to either prove or disprove what you learn

Does releasing emotions hurt or feel painful?

It actually feels the exact opposite. Letting go makes you feel lighter, happier, relaxed, and peaceful. It’s a painless process altogether. Initially, it may feel VERY subtle, but it will get more obvious and pronounced as you continue practicing it consistently.

How much will this help me if I already know how to release from other sources such as EFT, or Letting Go by David Hawkins?

The Inner Calm Mastery Audio Program goes far beyond the releasing modalities of EFT, Letting Go, and many others out there. Over the last 2 years I’ve iterated and tested multiple layers to these techniques on myself and hundreds of clients that just aren’t offered anywhere else. No matter what emotional releasing or letting go modality you’ve learned, you’ll walk away with something new.


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