Are You Ready to Turn Your Insecurities Into AUTHENTIC Masculine Confidence and Date Your Dream Girl?

Tired of dating advice that makes you feel gross and confused?

Hi, I'm Rooz. I'll help you break free from the limiting beliefs, stories, and social anxiety holding you back.  Unleash ‘The Real Masculine’ within to effortlessly create the life you want with women and dating.

Learn the Secrets To Lasting Self-Esteem and Become an Effortless Natural With Women

In the Self-Paced Transformation Course, we'll build you up to have powerful, long lasting self-esteem and confidence in yourself to finally be at ease around the women you’re attracted to most.  You'll turn embarrassing insecurities into authentic masculine confidence without having to be someone you're not.  

You'll get higher quality dates and allow yourself to create an abundant dating life that feels congruent to you.  You’ll learn how to let go of emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, and resistance so you can handle the tensions of life and women with greater ease.

This allows you to become a more effortless natural with women, friends, family, and any other types of relationships you choose to engage in while remaining true to your values, feelings, and boundaries. The program is designed to help you become more self-aware of your own patterns. With this awareness,  you can rewire your mind to build positive habits that support your growth, masculinity, dating goals, and lifestyle.

This process helps you make deeper emotional connections with anyone in your life and cultivate a greater sense of presence, enjoyment, and self-acceptance. 

You and Your Ego: Learn to Motivate Yourself to Act In The Face of Fear

The vast majority of suffering for us occurs with the ego -- dwelling on the past or paralyzing us with fear of the uncertain or “dangerous” future.

We spend so much time ruminating and identifying with these negative thought patterns that our self-esteem gets shattered. We feel disconnected from ourselves and others as a result.

By coming back to enjoyment & self-acceptance, we choose the present moment. We leave the fantasy of our ego mind and instead start to flow with life. When we accept or enjoy the moment, the ego has a hard time having much of a voice, and we become free to explore greater possibility for ourselves while building long lasting self-esteem as a result. 

Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot: Learn the Keys to Instantly Re-frame Your Self-Sabotaging Beliefs

Ego identity level beliefs are tenacious - that is; they're annoyingly sticky. The best way to get rid of them is to tear them apart at the cognitive version of the atomic level. Breaking them apart at their very structure is the key to making them float in the wind, no longer sticking to you and hindering your growth and success.

Learn to Own Your Own Sexuality: Even in the Face of Socially Conditioned Shame and Fear

While we are naturally sexual beings. so many of us have gotten brainwashed into believing sex, our fetishes, even flirting is something to be ashamed of. We've been trained to fear sex! Society, religion, parents, and schools send mixed signals about human sexuality, which tends to suffocate a powerful, raw energy in us that moves us towards creativity, tension, and the women we love. 

Guilt and Shame create artificial fear - By unlearning this BS and beginning to own our sexuality, we regain this power to master sexual tension skills, naturally flirt, and use this magnetic energy to draw beautiful women to us to build an abundant dating/sex life.  

Learn Specific  Practice and Techniques to Build Your Self Worth For Real

  • Learn how to completely accept and acknowledge where you are now  - Drop the self-judgement, there is NO bad or good starting place. 
  • Build your habits around self-love. Begin habits that put YOURSELF first with the intention of self-love (gratitude, authentic expression, activities of enjoyment, values)
  • Learn to actually CONNECT with life - Connect to the enjoyment of yourself, women, and your life by learning consistent exercises that rewire your mind towards enjoyment.

With Self Awareness and Accountability You Can Build The Habits  That Make you Irresistible To Women...

Pretending to be someone else and hiding your feelings drains your energy.  You know you feel better when you're emotionally honest with yourself and others. Taking responsibility of how you're being in the world and owning your own feelings is a skill. You can practice and get better at regulating your own honesty, and experiencing the freedom that comes with being REAL. 

Habit : Authentic Expression - Most men show up in the world wearing false bravado to cover their glaring insecurities. Imagine showing up in the real world in a way that puts out magnetic invitations to women. Learn to let your attractive self shine through by practicing enjoyment & authentic expression - vulnerably - with women and the world.

Habit : Own Your Sexuality - Learn to reconnect to the feelings of primal sexuality & learn how to express it in a non-needy way. Learn to flirt and play with sexual tension with vulnerability and enjoyment to have women chase you!

Habit - Release Limiting Beliefs & BS Stories - Learn a simple, powerful technique that lets you rewire your subconscious mind to let go of limiting beliefs, feelings of inadequacy (not being good enough), excuses, procrastination, stories, and more to instantly be more attractive and grounded.

Habit : Create Your Own Standards - Create standards and boundaries for what you truly want with women and clearly express it to women so you attract the RIGHT ones to you.  

Habit : Intentional Dating - Build a life to identify where your ideal women are and build a dating strategy around a life you enjoy that is both sustainable and maximizes results.

Habit : Make Peace With Your Emotions
- Build acceptance and love towards feelings of shame, inadequacy, fear, grief, and anger & let go of them... FOR GOOD!  

Habit : Detach from Things You Can't Control - Learn how to become FREE from the outcome and drop your needy behaviors that push women away.  

Habit : Become Free from the Attachment to Outcomes - Learn to let go of attachments and aversions towards women & dating goals, freeing you up to discover new ways of meeting your own emotional needs, and ironically, getting MORE RESULTS!

Habit : Visualize Your Goals With Feeling - Learn to energetically visualize goals to make them real to your subconscious mind and create them more effortlessly in your life. 

Habit - Be Vulnerable With Everyone - Opening up to friends, family, and women allows you to become socially free, self-accepting, and build deeply connected relationships through authenticity.


Learn How to PERMANENTLY Install These Habits in

The Real Masculine Self-Paced Transformation Course

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Rooz Yavari

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About Rooz

I'm Rooz, and I want to welcome you to The Real Masculine. If you’re anything like me when I started this journey, you may be dazed and confused with all the “pickup artist” advice, systems, and techniques out there on attracting and dating women. It’s a shit storm out there with conflicting information, gimmicky routines, and manipulative intentions. I focus on helping men transform their insecurities into authentic masculine confidence so they can effortlessly attract and date their dream girl.  

 I help men unleash The Real Masculine man they’ve suppressed their entire lives to become effortless naturals that meet, attract, and date the types of high quality women they’ve always dreamed of. Most importantly, I help men discover their own truth and be the best versions of themselves so they can move through every part of their lives with greater purpose, fulfillment, and enjoyment. 

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